“The Amen Sisters” Blog Tour

TAS Banner 2Guess what?  I’m coming to a blog near you on my first ever Blog Tour!  I look forward to making new friends and seeing old ones.  If you’re in the area, stop by and visit with us. 

You’ll see that I have a couple of January tour dates. If you’d like to add your blog as a stop on the January tour, drop me an e-mail HERE. 

Dec 3J.Kaye’s Book Blog

Dec 4The Writer’s Life

Dec 5Paperback Writer

Dec 6My Christian Fiction Blog

Dec 7Girls Write Out

Dec 10Leicester Review of Books

Dec 10The Writer’s Life Author Talks

Dec 11Edgy Inspirational Author Blog

Dec 12Storycrafters

Dec 13 – Buzz the Book

Dec 14Fallen Angel Reviews

Dec 14 – Independent Book Report

Dec 17APOOO Book Club In the Limelight

Dec 17APOOO Connections on MySpace

Dec 18Inspired Author

Dec 19You Don’t Know Jack

Dec 20A Christian Writer’s World

Dec 21Inspired Author

Dec 24  Christmas Eve

Dec 26The Book Connection

Dec 27Dude, Where’s My Muse?

Dec 28A Book Blogger’s Diary

Dec 31  Giveaway Day

Jan 8You Don’t Know Jack BlogTalkRadio

Jan 9Amber Miller

2 thoughts on ““The Amen Sisters” Blog Tour

  1. Thanks for picking my name, Angela. I wish and pray for you that this virtual tour garners the attention and sales that “The Amen Sisters” undoubtedly deserves. It has already been shown that the book can affect and even change lives. That, I know, is your object.

    What is your next book and when will it be coming out? I’ve probably missed something about that but will continue to pray for God’s working through your books.

    It’s definitely good for me to have this reminder to come to your blog. It’s not that I’ve forgotten about you, but I just find that I’m not blogging very much these days. My rough, tough times are continuing and I just don’t have the time or mind-set to “blather”. Coming here at least once a month gives me more meaningful(?) things to say at least.

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