The Fabulous Fiction Function!

Fiction Function
The lovely ladies above and I attended the 5th Annual Walk Worthy Press Fiction Function in Detroit on this past Saturday, December 3. The event was, as the kids would say, totally off the chain. I was blessed beyond description. There were about 250 readers in attendance along with five Walk Worthy authors, Denise Stinson (Walk Worthy publisher), Peggy Hicks (Walk Worthy publicist), a staff of wonderful women from Borders, and a blessed and highly talented set of actors. I wish you all could have been there. We had singing and praying and acting and eating and encouraging and gift-giving and all the other good stuff that happens when people gather to serve God. It was a wonderful time. All I can say is that you should have been there. It was a blessing to meet so many readers and to see how much they valued and appreciated Christian fiction.

If you were there, share some of your thoughts on the event so that the folks who couldn’t make it can be blessed through you.

If you weren’t there, you can try to name the authors in the picture. And you have to name their most recent book as well. Let’s go–left to right.

3 thoughts on “The Fabulous Fiction Function!

  1. I don’t recognize the first one – just kidding! Angela Benson THE AMEN SISTERS, Bonnie Hopkins SEASONS, Yolanda Tonette Sanders SOUL MATTERS, Michelle Stimpson BOAZ BROWN, & Judy Candis ALL THINGS HIDDEN

    What do I win?

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