Why I Like Facebook

Like many of you, I’ve joined a great many of the online social networks — myspace, shelfari, librarything, gather, and shoutlife. I’ve joined all of them but I haven’t been active. I’ve also tried to be a regular blogger here, but without much success. You know why? It’s too much work.

Facebook is different. Facebook is easy. All I have to give Facebook is a status, which is by definition short. I don’t have to add a picture to it to make it look better. I don’t have to go to a special page to do. I can post to Facebook from my iTouch.

I’m leaning towards focusing my efforts on Facebook and this blog while phasing out my presence on those other sites. What do you think? Which service do you like best? Where are you most active?

7 thoughts on “Why I Like Facebook

  1. Until I joined Twitter recently, I’ve mostly stayed away from the social networking thing (except for Shelfari on which I simply update my books periodically). The Internet is a huge time sponge, soaking up every available minute if you let it. If Facebook works for you, go for it. When the time comes for me to really promote myself, I’ll give it a look. Until then…

  2. I have to agree with Patricia, it is time consuming, but I love it.

    My favs right now are Twitter and FB is growing on me. I love reading so, I’m forever clicking on links reading articles that I’d probably wouldn’t have found on my own.

    The best part is that you can find software, where you post one time and it hits all your networks. Its like being in five places at one time.

  3. I agree with LaShaunda regarding the sofware…but all of these are supposed to be about social networking…and unfortunately I realize that I can only do one right at a time…first it was MSpace…then I tried Twitter…now I’m on FB…so far FB seems to be working the best for me…probably because I’ve only befriended a small group of folks ova here…just family, friends and authors who I have had previous relationships with…as I hate all the promotional junk I get on MySpace and to an extend even Twitter. Also with FB when I see authors/publicists doing nothing but promoting their services…while I might not befriend them if they’re a friend…but I will hide them…and I’ve done that with several folks…I definitely like that feature…hehe.

  4. Patricia, I’m on twitter, too, but I never use it. Until today when I found out that I could use twitterfeed to post my blog posts both to twitter and facebook. That’s neat!

    LaShaunda, what software are you talking about? I only know about twitterfeed.

    Yasmin, I didn’t know about the hide feature. I’m going to have to check it out.

  5. Angela,

    I love Facebook. Love it. Social networking is critical if you have a book or one coming for sure. I have struggled with making time for Myspace and Shoutlife. I’m on Twitter which I’m still not sold on and of course Shelfari and GoodReads which I don’t really find user friendly at all. But Facebook…I struggle with staying off it. I’m completely addicted. I have reconnected with about 20 people from highschool, some college friends and even an old boyfriend. It’s so fun. I also like the fact that FB is viral. You update and not only does your network see it, but so do the friends in their network. Great way to get the word out about your book, blog and other happenings. I’m with you Angela. It’s the best.

  6. I love facebook. I am probably addicted and on my way to a 12 step program. Only thing keeping me away from it, is that I can’t access it at work. (How about DHS has a facebook and twitter page, but the employees can’t access it at work) I like to keep up with relatives and friends that I don’t see regularly and would not necesarily email or talk to often by their brief comments, thoughts and pictures.
    I pretty much given up on Myspace.
    I really only use Shelfari to update my bookshelves.

  7. I use Twitter and Facebook. I can post to my FB from my twitter. I update my Shelfari account probably once a month. I don’t even go over to MySpace anymore. I got tired of the nonsense over there. But with FB and Twitter I make my quick status updates and that’s it.

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