Imani Book Club

I met with the Imani Book Club in Montgomery way back on September 27, 2008.  These ladies know they can dissect a book, but do you know what they do even better than that?  These ladies can throw down in the kitchen!  I thought I was at my momma’s house for a holiday meal.  You name it, they had it: Mac and cheese, green beans, ham hocks (yes, ham hocks!), chicken, salad, apple pie (or was it peach?).  All I know is that i was ALL good!

Thanks, ladies, for a wonderful discussion and a wonderful meal.

One thought on “Imani Book Club

  1. Not hamhocks??? Okay, so why don’t we have some pictures of the food! Sounds like a great time. I hope I get to meet with them when Secrets and Lies is released. Montgomery’s not far from Atlanta and I like apple and peach pie.

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